40106 SVR

40106 SVR
40106 at the Severn Valley Railway

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Hello Again,

Well there's quite a bit to report since my last post!

40106 has been transferred from the Bo'ness & Kinniel Railway to the ELR last Thursday and Friday arriving on ELR metals and her new home at 14:00 hrs, Slightly later than planned as we had issues trying to start loco up due to flat batteries.

Following shunting loco to the locomotive works I checked batteries over and found them seriously lacking in electrolyte. I topped all 48 cells up with around 37 litres of distilled water and put loco on charge overnight on a low charge.  The loco started up on Saturday morning without issue.

We had another working party on Saturday mainly to ensure 40106 was well presented. All worked hard to wash 40106 and clean cabs and polish bits and bobs to ensure loco is kept in the condition that she has always been in immaculate.

The working group also managed to give 345 a much needed wash too and refit a replacement body to bogie air hose to make loco fully operational again.

We also managed to get a line up of all three loco's and they looked the business almost like days of old at Newton Heath we were just missing a couple of 25's and 31's.

40106 has made it d├ębut on the East Lancs Railway last Sunday. The loco performed extremely well, there's a few minor tweaks required to her but nothing major.

A huge thanks must go out to all who attended to support the CFPS and the ELR on her debut and John also raised a good bit of cash in sales, donations and raffle money which made it all very worthwhile.

Thanks to Mike Marren, Paul Lambert, Paul Bonello, Paul Cobbe, Martin Poulter and Rob Dove for their assistance last weekend.

We have another working party this Saturday and  will report on going's on in due course.

I will finish this post with a few pictures from last weekend's activities.

D335 & 40106 Rest at the Locomotive works at Bury

The Three Sisters !!

40106 approaches Irwell Vale with an Heywood bound service. 

40106 passes Standard 4 tank 80080 at Ramsbottom.

We could not end the day without a seminar shot of the most of supporters who attended to welcome 40106 to the ELR.

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