40106 SVR

40106 SVR
40106 at the Severn Valley Railway

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Working day 27th May 2016

Hello Everyone it's me again.

Another working day on Saturday 27th and thanks to all that turned out to help.
Also on Saturday the former engineering officer David Peacock and Matt Jackson came to assist in assessing 40106's boiler. Following initial tests and inspection it is looking favourable at the early stage that 40106 will be steaming this winter.

Work carried out is as follows:

Boiler water tanks filled and there are numerous leaks in the tanks due to there age but we think that with some careful patching up we can get a year or two out of the tanks before we renew them.

We have difficulties getting the water to pick up from the tanks and we suspect that the boiler water pick up in the tanks maybe blocked or corroded this will be investigated next time.

David managed to get boiler coils full of water but due to water pump seals having been dry for a number of years the seals are passed their best and will not pressurize the coil to test its integrity.

Some minor re-wiring work will be needed on the boiler stack switch but other than that it looks in very good order.

I am also pleased after standing for 7 days the engine started without issue so it looks like the start batteries have come around.

Paul Cobbe also spent a few hours cleaning the bogies on B side of the loco and they are nearly as clean as the bodysides. Job well done Paul.


Derek and Jonny set to steam cleaning 40135's boiler and coil unit and removing redundant pipe work and removing flexible hoses for new hoses to be made up.

Jonny has removed the pressure gauge for cleaning up and re-marking safe working pressure line that had faded somewhat over the years.

The next stage will be welding work on exhaust stack, stripping and overhaul blowdown valve, cleaning and painting boiler frame and carcass.

40135 will be going into Carriage works on Friday for completion of cosmetic work to the nose ends and will appear with full yellow ends supporting 40135 TOPS numbers and old style data panels.

40 145

Exam work continues on 345 will attention to main and auxiliary generators that needed brush lengths checking and a light clean. Load regulator motor has also been inspected.

Thanks to Jonny Stevenson, Derek Gibson, Paul Cobbe, David Peacock, Matt Jackson and Jeremy Meade for their valued support and finally John Wantling for all the cleaning cloths and brasso for 40106.

Next time I will get some photo's to accompany my report. I always seem to forget!!

If you wish to get involved with the CFPS please drop me a line at engineering@cfps.co.uk


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